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Walking Tours


Each of the SG4L custom designed walking tours offer a meander through first class, multi cultural neighborhoods of metropolitan Toronto. Trek through marketplaces, courtyards, and greenhouses. Survey historical places of worship, museums, government grounds and buildings.  Glance at media networks, tourist attractions, entertainment and sports venues. Come enjoy and experience.....THE TORONTO LIVE MUSEUM WALKING TOURS.

These 5 walking tour activities (with 2-3 guides) are designed to give you a peek at the attractions, their surroundings, and their locations. It will include a written, detailed history on each point of interest. It does not include any admissions or entry fees. If anyone would like to experience more of one attraction, they can do so at a later date with family or friends. If enough interest is expressed, then that attraction may become a single activity of its own at another time.

1. The Royal Urban Adventure
2. The Inner-City Historic Tour
3. Roaming The T-Dot
4. The Red Carpet Metro Stroll
5. A Sneak Peek At The 6ix

Cost: $75 per tour


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INCLUDES: 1 t-shirt, 1 friendship bracelet, public transportation, lunch and 2 snacks