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 I had a wonderful experience with Sharma. I’ve known her for practically all my life and I’m forever grateful to have shared many years of my childhood under the hands of Sharma. She is a caring, loving and responsible childcare provider with plenty of experience. She’s very reasonable and optimistic and will put all her efforts into anything she does. I spent quite a few years going to her after-school daycare program as a child and I will always cherish those days. I made many friends, memories and had the privilege of creating a bond with Sharma as she saw me grow into a young woman. She is able to manage and supervise children in a safe and responsible manner and doesn’t take the job lightly! I would definitely recommend Sharma’s program to anyone and everyone that’s interested!

Priscilla M. 

University Student

(Mississauga, Ontario)




Sharma Jackson has been my partner in many things for the last 7yrs.
To start with we did Amway business together where she went up and above the call of duty, making sure that everyone was taken care of both customers and our business partners.  Sharma is very dependable, and she demonstrated this well when we both volunteered to be youth teachers at Faith Alive Christian Centre. She give everything she could and still does, and when it comes to organizing things that needed creativity, We all went to her for help.  Before my family moved to Brampton. Sharma used to babysit our little girl then, and up to today, my little girl still sing her praises and we are sorry we no longer have her services. Sharma is the most patient, loving caring person I know. Given the chance again, I would jump to another project with her.  I highly recommend Her to any future employer or volunteer organization.


Peris Mbuthia, 
Business Owner

(Brampton, Ontario / Kenya)



I am writing this letter in support of Sharma Katheryn. When I look back at a time when I was in middle school, I remember Sharma being an excellent caregiver to me. My parents were working and so she was very reliable in being a guardian. She was a caregiver to many kids and it was always fun. She provided lunches and fun activities, as well as creating a positive environment. Going to her home was entertaining and there wasn’t a time where you wouldn’t feel welcomed. From the time I would get there in the early mornings, to when I got there after school, it was hard to leave. I made friends there and I will never forget how close I became with Sharma. She motivates you to do your best. When I became older, she wasn’t just a caregiver; she became a friend and we always kept in touch. She was always interested in what her “children” were doing after they had left her care. That’s the difference between an ordinary babysitter and Sharma.

Her experience and passion for working with children (toddlers to teens), is what makes her capable of hosting this program for girls. The connection she can draw isn’t one that can be forgotten; it leaves an imprint.


Shanier Allen

Collage Student

(Brampton, Ontario)



Sharma Colley-Jackson, Neighbour, Friend and most importantly, Family. She is a beautiful queen that nurtures and loves children. When I was only 3 years old, I moved to the house next to her. It is true that everything happens for a reason, and I thank God for meeting her and her family. I never realized how blessed I was when I met them. Sharma and her family treated me like I was a part of their family. And still to this day, I am. We've been through so much together, the good, the bad and the ugly. Because of her spirit, and her comfort, she has helped me to become the person I'm progressing to be. Sharma and her family are a part of a few people that have a special place in my heart.

Growing up, we've made many memories together, from cherry picking in the backyard, to sharing baked goods. I remember I used to bake cakes, cheesecakes and other things, and I would always share my desserts with her. It made me very happy to see that they appreciate the things I shared with them. I was always a very timid person, and I still am. Everyday after school, Sharma would run a babysitting service were I would go stay there for some time. During that time, I've met new people and made a lot of friends. Over time I became more confident and talked more. She has taught me to be myself more, care for others and to be kind always. I will also always remember the awesome memories her mother, Florence (Granny) and I made. Especially the cakes she made for my birthday.

To conclude, Sharma is overall a wonderful caring mother, caregiver, and person. I thank God for her and her family. I thank her and her family for being there when times were rough and when times were great. May God bless her and her family for years to come and may we always be family, because family is life's greatest blessing. No matter where I go, or whom I meet, I know that we will always stay together.

Sincerely Yours,
Annya Atkinson

High School Student

(Brampton, Ontario)



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