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Having a few good friends to hang with and confide in is just as important as knowing how and when to end friendships that aren't working. Here is some info to help you in the area of friendships. 

When making new friends you want to find someone who has similar interest when it comes to what you like to do and what you think about things.

Their attitude about smoking, drinking, sex, politics, other kids should match yours. Look for friends who genuinely like to do what you like to do. Hanging with the popular kids isn't for everyone. You still need a connection. It may be tough to crack that popular inner circle, and you may not get a meaningful friendship.

When you've found someone you want to be friends with, take it slow. Friendships need to develop over time to last. Doing things with your friends will help the friendship grow. Don't be needy. A needy friendship will require to much attention. Lasting friendships for youth require a close proximity. You probably won't stay close friends with someone if they go to a different school, or you never have classes together. You will eventually grow apart because there is no time to nurture the friendship.

Believe it or not, but there are right and wrong ways to make, keep, and end friendships!

What experiences have you had in these areas and how did you handle it?

How did your method work for you?

What changes (if any) will you make in the next situation?

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